Established since 1976, Artex Saigon operated mainly in the field of export of handicrafts. Through nearly 40 years of operation and development, Artex Saigon has held a top position in the field of manufacturing handicrafts and wicker furniture in Vietnam. We have also simultaneously expanded our exporting product’s category such as agriculture products, seafood ... Under the pressure of our competitive rivals, in order to maintain and promote our market position, Artex Saigon has oriented in seeking diversification into new businesses sectors such as trade services, advertising, real estate services.... Currently, Artex Saigon is focusing on three main areas: export, import and real estate services.


Adhering to the principles and commitments of the company in maintaining high quality, beautiful style, and reasonable price have led us to be able to approach and satisfy even the most discerning customers from worldwide such as Europe, the U.S, Australia, Korea, Japan… over the decades of operation. 

We specialize in manufacturing products made of natural materials and other products. Our main product categories are:

  • Synthetic & wood furniture.
  • Water hyacinth, rattan, and sea grass basket-ware.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Ceramic.
  • Lacquer-ware.

Aside from our existing catalogues, we are open to take orders with design customization to develop your unique products.


Besides the exporting operations, to maximize revenue and profits for the company, we also import and distribute seafood products, computer components (such as: computer monitors, CPUs,...), tool kits items and fertilizers.

Real Estate Services

Besides leasing the warehouse at 137 Hoang Hoa Tham Str., Tan Binh Dist. and in Hoc Mon District, we are currently managing and leasing buildings located in the prime locations in Ho Chi Minh City which are:

  • Opera View Building located in 161 Dong Khoi St., Dist. 1 where world-class luxury brand such as Louis Vuitton open their stores
  • Artex Saigon Building located in 236–238 Nguyen Cong Tru St., Dist.1, HCMC.

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