To high-profile business, Opera View (OV) owned by Artex Saigon is a popular name. The first most exceptional about the building is over seven years of history witnessing tremendous changes and living through different economic periods of Hochiminh city.

Comfortable transportation! Beyond the age, the name expresses fully the advantage of OV’s position. Facing Opera House, OV stands remarkably on the most expensive central road, in the corner of Le Loi and Dong Khoi streets, within walking distance of  major landmarks and is surrounded by famous five-star hotels.  Moreover, HCM city is expecting Metro as OV is looking forwards to added service for our dear tenants.

Luxurious sight! Tough and mature, despite of economic crisis, Opera View is uniquely chosen to be home of one of the world’s leading brand in the city: Louis Vuitton.

Exclusive service! Opera View dedicates ground floor and mezzanine to retail spaces while the remaining seven floors are for offices. We remain five-star service over the past seven years with whole-hearted concern, sophistication, continuously renovation and professionalism. IPP Group Inc., PXP Vietnam Asset Management, Furama Resort Sales Office, Moet Hennessy Vietnam, Wrigley Vietnam, etc. have considered OV as a “home” and “nowhere like OV” since we take care of our tenants as family members.

Local insightFrom the corner of Opera View, take a look around, you will find a little bit of modernity and antiquity; a little bit of artistry and solemnity, a few of foreign cultures and very much of Saigon .

Opera View Photos